Taking A Close Look At Metal For Residential Roofing

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Roofing

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When property owners are looking over the materials they can use for Residential Roofing, they have to use unbiased sources that provide both the pros and cons of materials. Some sources will have an agenda and will promote one material over others. It’s important to understand that all the materials used in roofing will have benefits and drawbacks. Metal is a material that is seeing somewhat of a rise in popularity because of its many benefits. It’s surprising that some homeowners don’t even know that metal roofing is an option for them.

So, what are the benefits to metal for Residential Roofing? One of the main selling points of metal is life expectancy. Homeowners who visit or a similar website to get metal roofing understand how important life expectancy is. Having a roof that can last for four or more decades is definitely a plus. With metal, mildew, bugs, and rot aren’t concerns. Homeowners don’t have to worry about insects feasting on their shingles. Metal also offer fire resistance. If a metal roof is installed directly over shingles made of wood, it will have a lower fire rating than a metal roof that doesn’t have such a combustible material beneath it. Metal also reflects heat from the sun, which can help save on air conditioning costs.

There are some drawbacks to metal roofing. The upfront cost of metal turns some homeowners off. If a homeowner is on a tight budget, they might not be able to afford metal roofing. What needs to be considered is the durability of metal means homeowners will save money in the long run. Denting and noise are also disadvantages of metal roofing. However, noise can be minimized by using adequate insulation. Some metals are more prone to denting than others. Hail is one of the things that can cause dents to a metal roof.

So is metal roofing the best choice for a home’s roof? That depends on what the owner of the home wants. If it is installed properly, a homeowner shouldn’t have any problems with their metal roof. Although hail might be a problem for homes with metal roofs, rain and snow are not.

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