The Steps For Mold Removal Services In Arlington, VA

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Pest Control

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In Virginia, mold presents a higher-than-average probability of causing serious property damage. If the substance travels throughout the property, it will create even more damage. These conditions can also lead to serious respiratory illnesses that could become life-threatening. The following are the steps for Mold Removal Services in Arlington VA.

Removal of Water and Moisture

The first step of Mold Removal Services in Arlington VA is to remove all water and moisture from the property. These conditions provide the best breeding ground for mold. They enable mold spores to reproduce and spread throughout the property rapidly. The remediation team will use vacuums and dehumidifiers to eliminate all water and moisture that has reached the interior of the walls. They will test the property for moisture and find any additional water in hard-to-reach areas.

Testing the Property for Mold

The technicians use specialized equipment to test the property for mold. They must identify the type of mold that is present before they continue the treatment strategies. The different types of mold require the technician to use specific chemicals to kill it. The type defines other steps that may be necessary during the removal process.

Removing and Packaging All Affected Materials

The EPA requires all technicians to follow specific steps for removing mold from properties. They must start by wearing the right work attire to protect them from exposure. The clothing also helps them to prevent the mold from spreading further. They must package the affected materials with thick plastic and affix labels to the packages. Mold Removal Services in Arlington VA also includes waste management opportunities to remove these items from the property entirely.

Restoring the Damage

The final step is to restore the property. This may include reconstructing some portions of the property. It also includes addressing access points where further health hazards could occur.

In Virginia, mold can have a detrimental effect on the health of property owners. These developments are a leading cause of respiratory infections. The homeowner must take immediate action if they locate these substances. Homeowners who need to acquire Pest Management Services in Arlington VA are strongly encouraged to contact a local provider now.

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