Signs That The Time Has Come for New Residential Garage Doors

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Garage Door

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Garage doors are among the things around the house that receive little attention until they stop working properly. At that point, the need to invest in new Residential Garage Doors becomes a priority. Here are some common signs indicating the time for a new door has arrived.

Hard to Open and Close

Whether the current door is the roll up type or a set of hinged doors, finding it more difficult to open and close them is certainly reason to think about investing in new Residential Garage Doors. Most people are not interested in having to tussle with the doors every time they want to hop in the car and run an errand. Assuming that the problem is not something that can be repaired with relative ease, it makes sense to see what sort of new door a professional recommends.

Rotting Wood and Rusty Hinges

Perhaps the older doors are composed mainly of wood and mounted to the frame using hinges. That arrangement works fine for a number of years, but the day will come when the wood begins to deteriorate. At that point, the doors no longer provide adequate protection for anything stored in the garage. Toss in hinges that are weakening due to rust and there is no real point in closing the doors at all. Choosing to invest in a new door will ensure that whatever is kept in the garage will be safe from those who would love to make those belongings their own.

Time for Some Cosmetic Updates

Along with not working all that well, the older doors don’t help the curb appeal of the home. In fact, they make it look a little worn and tired. Choosing to invest in a new garage door improves the look of the property right along with keeping the contents of the garage safe.

For any homeowner who thinks the time may be right for a new garage door, call the team at Ace Garage Door Company LLC today. After taking a look at the garage, it will be easy to come up with a solution that is practical and will keep the customer happy for a number of years. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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