Signs That Mean You Need Door Installation in Homewood

by | May 27, 2016 | Home Improvement

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There are many signs that point to needing a brand new door. The door is a big part of the home. It not only welcomes guest in, but it also keeps you and the entire family safe and secure inside. Those who are experiencing the signs that point to a door that needs replacing may need Door Installation in Homewood. Here are some signs to look for to know if you need a new door.

How Does the Door Open and Close?

If the door appears to be warped in any way when opening and closing it, this is a sign that a new door is needed. If the door is hard to close, cracked, or if it is not on the hinges correctly, these are all signs that point to the need of Door Installation in Homewood.

Pieces From the Door Are Missing

If actual pieces on the door are missing or rotting, this is a key sign that the door needs to be replaced. Perhaps the knob is broken or missing completely, or there are screws or bolts that are no longer in place. These are all signs that point to a door replacement.

Light Is Coming Through the Door

When all of the lights in the house are off, one should not be able to see any light coming through the spaces of the door. If this is the case, this means the door is not sealed as it should be. This also means you are losing air from the home, and this can cause electricity bills to increase. Save money by having someone come out and install a new door.

Feel the Door for Coldness or Humidity

By simply feeling around the door, one can tell if it needs replacing. If the door feels cold or hot and humid along the sides, the bottom and the top of the door, it needs replacing right away.

If any of the signs above are evident in your home, you are likely in need of Door Installation in Homewood. A Better Door & Window is a quality company who can install a new door right away. Visit the website to find out more information.

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