Signs It’s Time to Replace a Carpet in Skokie, Illinois

by | May 11, 2017 | Home Improvement

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Modern synthetic materials have allowed carpet makers to create flooring that is designed to last, and regular cleaning can certainly help to prolong the lifespan of any flooring type, but no carpet can last forever. Regular use will eventually lead to the need for replacing that old carpet in Skokie Illinois. Homeowners may not even notice serious signs of wear until the carpet has become threadbare or covered in stains, but by looking out for these common signs of irreversible carpet damage they can avoid some embarrassment and have their carpets replaced as soon as it becomes necessary.

Covering Stains

Some stains can be removed using carpet cleaner, but others can’t. Homeowners that are hiding the truth by covering up the stains on their carpets with furniture or area rugs are simply putting off the inevitable. If an initial cleaning didn’t remove the stain, chances are it’s time to look into a replacement.

Extreme Matting Along Walkways

A certain degree of extra wear along commonly traveled paths is inevitable. However, if the carpet has become extremely matted where people have been walking on it the most, there is likely little to be done aside from replacing it. Moving furniture around so that residents and guests choose different pathways can help to avoid this sort of damage, so give that a shot to help extend the lifespan of the new replacement carpet.

Tears and Rips

A few small tears or rips can often be repaired by a professional. Large tears, or outright holes, are often a lost cause, though. This is particularly true when the tears occur near major walkways or on stairs, where they can prove to be a safety hazard as well as an unsightly mess.

Unpleasant Smells

Carpets that don’t get cleaned often enough often pick up unpleasant odors, but these should be easily alleviated with a basic cleaning. If they are lingering in the air even after a professional-quality cleaning, chances are whatever is causing the smell has penetrated deep into the fibers, or even the carpet pad, and it will be impossible to remove.

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