Signs it is Time to Call for Ants Control Services in Arlington, VA

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Pest Control

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Ants are known as one of the more industrious insects around. Due to this fact, among others, it’s never good news when they make it into the home. If there is an ant colony near a home, the ants may be getting inside, eating crumbs, and multiplying inside the walls.

While the sugar ant isn’t dangerous (just annoying) this isn’t the case when it comes to carpenter ants. In fact, a carpenter ant may destroy the wooden structure of a home, which is why it is so important for homeowners to know the signs of an infestation and when it is time to call for Ants Control Services in Arlington VA.

The Food in the House is Overrun by Ants

One of the first (and most obvious) signs of an ant problem is if there are ants present on any food that has been left out. While it is important to always cover food, some may forget, which is going to lure ants. Keep in mind, it’s not just human food that ants are attracted to. Dog dishes that are left out may also attract ants.

There’s a Colony

Take some time to walk around the yard. If there is an ant colony present, it is definitely the sign of a problem that requires the help of Ants Control Services in Arlington VA. Ants are a species of insects that have no problem traveling a long distance to find food. Even if there are only a few ants on the surface, don’t let this be misleading. Under that mound of dirt, there are thousands of them waiting.

Listen to the Inside of the Walls

If a home is infested with carpenter ants, a homeowner needs to listen to their walls. The carpenter ant is usually active during the night, so most people can hear them as they start building their nests.

Don’t ignore the signs of a pest infestation. It is only going to get worse as time passes. Be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind to take action as needed. More information about ant infestations and when the professional’s help is needed can be found by contacting Pest Management Services.

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