Signs it is Time for Wood Siding Repair in Topeka Kansas

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Windows

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The siding on a home provides charm and character, as well as quite a bit of curb appeal. The style and color selected is seen as a reflection of the actual homeowner and the pride they take in their home. However, it also serves a rather important functional purpose. The primary purpose of siding is to protect the inside structure from the elements. If the siding is damaged, it cannot provide this protection. Getting to know the signs that Wood Siding Repair in Topeka Kansas is needed can help reduce the potential for serious issues.

Peeling or Cracked Siding

When the siding cracks, develops a chalky texture, or has holes or chips in it, it may be time to seek Wood Siding Repair in Topeka Kansas. These external issues may indicate there is a bigger problem under the siding panels, including moisture penetration, mold or even wood rot. The chalky residue indicates that the materials that were used when manufacturing the siding has started to break down. Since the paint is a protective coating from moisture, when the coating breaks down, it may mean that moisture is getting behind the siding and causing issues. It is best to call in the professionals for an official inspection at this point.

Buckling or Warped Siding

When a homeowner looks at the siding on their home from the side, they should not see any signs of buckling, warping or bulging. This may indicate that the siding needs to be replaced. In many cases, this results from moisture getting under the panels and causing the boards under to push the siding outward and rot. If this happens, then the siding will no longer be able to provide the protective barrier every home needs.

When it comes to a home’s siding, keeping it in good repair is a must to continue protecting the home. If issues arise, it is best to call a professional for help to ensure the problem is fixed for good. More information about common issues with siding can be found by visiting the website. Being informed is the best way to ensure the right action is taken to fix the siding.

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