Signs it is Time for Window Replacement in Napa CA

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Windows

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There is no question that modern windows are tough. With routine maintenance, they can even have a pretty long service life. However, they are not completely immune to wear and tear and, at some point, deterioration. Even when they receive the highest level of care, a time may come when there are issues with the window’s performance and structure. At this point, Window Replacement in Napa CA will be inevitable. Some signs it is time for replacement can be found here.

There’s a Draft

Even the newest and best windows are going to let some air in; however, it should never reach a level that a homeowner can actually feel. A small draft may seem like a small issue, but even a single drafty window can affect the temperature inside of the home. This will result in the HVAC system having to work harder just to keep the temperature constant. Not only does this affect the comfort level inside the home, it can also result in excessive energy costs.

In some cases, weather stripping or caulk can be applied to the window; however, these are not considered permanent solutions. The best option in this situation is to seek Window Replacement in Napa CA.

There’s Excessive Noise from Outside

If the window is not properly insulated or sealed, noise transmission can begin to be an issue. This is especially true if a homeowner lives close to a railroad, airport or on a busy street. If the old windows are no longer able to provide an adequate sound barrier, they should be replaced.

Signs of Water Damage and Decay

If the window frames are damaged, there is also a good chance they may be suffering from decay. Take a look at the windows inside and outside of the house. If old wood windows are in place, check for rot and water damage. These issues will result in the entire window having to be replaced.

Don’t ignore an inefficient window. The issue is only going to get worse as more time passes. For homeowners who need more information or have questions about their windows and when replacement is needed, they can contact the staff from Northwest Exteriors Napa CA.

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