Severe Staining Or Damage May Require A Siding Replacement In Twin Cities MN

by | Jan 6, 2021 | Construction and Maintenance

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Vinyl siding can become stained after grass is cut or during humid weather. Siding stains can give a home an unattractive appearance. Many times, stains are associated with mildew and can grow larger if they are not treated promptly. A homeowner can make a cleaning solution to remove mildew from their home. If detergent and water are mixed together in a garden sprayer’s tank, the cleaning solution can be applied to the stains to help dissolve them.

A scrub brush needs to be used to help loosen stains that are on siding pieces. As long as a brush that does not have stiff bristles is used, siding won’t be at risk of becoming scratched. Stubborn stains on siding may require a stronger cleaning solution. Standard bleach that is added to soapy water will effectively remove stains of all sizes. Before bleach is added to siding, a homeowner may wish to cover plants and foliage that surround their home so that they are not exposed to any chemicals.

If an individual does not own a garden sprayer, they can still effectively eliminate stains by filling a bucket with a cleaning solution and dipping a scrub brush into it. Once stains have been eliminated from siding, a water hose that is adjusted to a strong setting can be used to rinse away any of the cleaning solution that remains on the vinyl. If efforts have been made to clean siding, but were not effective, a homeowner can call a siding specialist to receive assistance.

If a home’s exterior has been neglected, a siding replacement in Twin Cities MN may be necessary. Siding pieces that are badly stained or showing signs of damage will be removed from a home. Once new siding pieces are installed, a home will look newer and will be protected from weather-related damage. A siding specialist can also suggest new siding options that will dramatically change the way that a home looks. It is easy to set up an appointment with a licensed company. A customer can visit a company’s website and will be instructed to contact us to set up a time to have their home’s exterior inspected to determine if a siding replacement is needed.

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