Replacing A Freezer Door’s Gasket And Maintenance Assistance From An Appliance Service In Shrewsbury MA

by | May 25, 2017 | Appliance Repair

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If the gasket that is attached to a freezer door is worn out, warm air may enter a freezer and cause food to spoil. A door may also be difficult to close. The following steps describe how to remove an old seal and install a new one.


  *    power drill

  *    measuring tape

  *    white vinegar

  *    detergent

  *    water

  *    spray bottle

  *    sponge

  *    lint-free cloth

  *    metal file or pry bar

Removing A Gasket And Cleaning The Edges Of A Door

A freezer door will need to be open while removing and replacing a gasket. A power drill can be used to loosen hardware that is secured to the interior side of a freezer door. The interior panel needs to be pulled slightly away from a door’s exterior. After lifting the edge of an old seal, it can be pulled up and around a door’s inner panel. If an individual is unsure of the length and width of a seal, they should use a measuring tape to assist them. Proper measurements will ensure that the correct type of seal is purchased.

Equal amounts of white vinegar, detergent and water should be poured into an empty spray bottle. After mixing the contents in a bottle, a cleaning agent should be sprayed along a door’s edges. A damp sponge can be used to wipe a cleaning solution across treated surfaces. Afterward, a lint-free cloth should be used to dry clean surfaces.

Installing A Replacement Gasket

A new seal needs to be pulled around an inner door panel and laid across the groove that is on each-each of a freezer door. If it is difficult to stretch a seal over a panel, the tip of a metal file or pry bar can be wedged underneath a corner of a seal and will provide leverage. After a seal is lined up properly, an interior door panel should be pushed inwards. A power drill can be used to tighten a door panel’s hardware.

Individuals can Get more information about freezer repairs and other types of repairs by contacting an Appliance Service in Shrewsbury MA. Dryer vent cleaning, dishwasher tune-ups, and gasket replacements are some maintenance procedures that are provided by an Appliance Service in Shrewsbury MA.

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