Replacing Drywall In Los Angeles During Mold Remediation

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Home Improvement

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In California, mold remediation services require contractors to remove any damaged or affected building materials. The process involves removing all materials that are covered in mold from the property and prevent adverse health risks for the property owner and their family. Replacing drywall in Los Angeles offers the owner with a mold-free home and improved living spaces.

The Removal Process

Contractors wear protective gear when removing mold-infested drywall. All drywall the service providers remove from the property is treated with mold-killed chemicals. Next, the contractors place plastic sheeting around the treated area to prevent mold spores from traveling throughout the property. Each piece of drywall is wrapped and labeled according to EPA standards and placed in a dumpster.

Cleaning Framing Properly

The contractors complete treatment and sanitization processes for the framing. The chemicals are sprayed all over the framing and connecting building materials. Once the mold is treated, the contractors re-enter the property and clean away all mold found on the framing and connecting materials. New insulation is installed inside the walls to improve the energy efficiency of the property.

Installing the Drywall

The drywall is cut to fit within each section and nailed in place. Putty is used to filling in any cracks and present smooth edges. Baseboards are re-installed around the edges of the drywall. Putty is placed over the nails. Once all the putty dries, the contractor sands the drywall and creates a smooth service.

Repainting the Living Space

The contractors apply a primer over all new sections of drywall that was installed. Typically, the painters apply more than one coat of the primer to prevent color issues with the paint. The contractors apply two or more coats of the paint on the walls according to the property owner’s specifications.

In California, drywall replacement is performed for a variety of reasons beyond aesthetics. Mold remediation services involve the removal of drywall if it was damaged or become contaminated with mold. Mold developments increase the risk of serious respiratory conditions that could prove fatal for some homeowners. Property owners who want to learn more about replacing their Drywall in Los Angeles contact a contractor to request a free estimate today.

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