Replacing A Refrigerator’s Gasket Seal Is A Basic Whirlpool Repair In Shrewsbury MA

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Appliance Repair

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If a gasket seal has a cracked surface and a refrigerator door does not remain secure when closed, food items that are stored inside of an appliance are at risk of spoiling. The following project lists the steps that need to be completed in order to remove a damaged seal and replace it with a new one. The Whirlpool Repair in Shrewsbury MA can be completed with basic materials and tools and will not take long to accomplish.

Materials And Tools

   *   sharp scissors

   *   lint-free cloths

   *   spray bottle

   *   mild detergent

   *   water

   *   vinegar

   *   flexible measuring tape

   *   power drill

   *   gasket seal

   *   plastic pry bar

Removing A Damaged Seal And Cleaning The Edges Of A Door

A pair of sharp scissors can be used to cut a section of a damaged seal so that it can be removed from a door with ease. After a cleaning solution has been prepared by mixing equal amounts of detergent, warm water, and white vinegar, the perimeter of a door needs to be sprayed with the agent. A soft cloth can be wiped over each surface that has been treated. A dry cloth needs to be moved over the same sections in order to eliminate any moisture.

Installing A New Seal

Measuring the length of an old seal will ensure that a replacement product that is purchased will be the proper size. Before installing a new seal, hardware that is secured to a door’s panel will need to be loosened with a power drill. A door panel needs to be pulled several inches away from a door’s exterior. By doing so, a new seal can be installed without needing to strain . A seal needs to be lined up evenly around the edges of a door. A plastic pry bar can be inserted under sections of a seal to help stretch and move portions of it. Once a seal is lying flat, a door panel can be pushed back into place, and hardware pieces need to be tightened.

A similar Whirlpool Repair in Shrewsbury MA or a more extensive repair can be made by an appliance technician if needed. People can visit us online to learn more about appliances that are serviced.

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