Should You Replace or Get Heating Repair in Austin, TX

by | May 18, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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It’s common for your furnace or other heating system to begin to breakdown with age. While heating repair in Austin, TX, is inevitable at certain intervals, there will also come a time when it’s best to replace the unit entirely. If you’re at the point where you are wondering whether repair or replacement is the best decision, the following factors can help you make an informed choice.


One of the biggest determining factors whether you should simply replace your furnace or get heating repair in Austin, TX, is how old the system is. Technology is rapidly changing and as your system ages, it will become less energy efficient. This means you will be wasting more money running an older furnace than installing a new one and experiencing reduced utility costs. Talk to your heating professionals about the benefits of installing a new system and when that should be done.

Increased Bills

As your heating system becomes less efficient, your utility bills will gradually increase as well. When you notice these increases, it is time to determine whether simple repairs will resolve the issue and get your system operating more efficiently or if you should replace it instead. Chances are a new system is more likely to give you the cost savings you are looking for.

More Repairs

An older system will naturally require more repairs than a newer one. This doesn’t mean you should automatically replace your system simply because it needs to be fixed. However, if the repair bills are piling up and it seems you need to fix it more than it runs, it may be time to consider a full replacement instead. Your HVAC professionals can help you make this decision when the time comes.

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