A Few Reasons to Install Above The Ground Pools in Pearland

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Swimming Pools

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Today’s above ground pools installed by Cryer Pools are a far cry from those of days gone by. Many models provide the same features of their in-ground counterparts such as slides and waterfalls and even more advantages. Homeowners can enjoy all the benefits of an inground-installation minus the cost and maintenance, such as:


With an average cost of $25,000 for an inground pool, one can easily understand why spending as little as $3000.00 for an above-ground pool, is a significant benefit. Initial installation costs aside, the expense to maintain above-ground pools is less than their counterparts as well. Less chemicals and water are needed and the equipment needed to maintain the pool are less costly too.


Above The Ground Pools in Pearland can typically be installed by the homeowner with a little know-how and some help from a few friends. It’s not unlikely that an above ground pool can be ready for swimming within a day’s time. Whereas inground pools take weeks of preparation before they are swim-ready.

Take it With You (or Not)

Another advantage of an above ground pool is that should you decide to move you have the option of transporting it with you. Or if the potential home buyer doesn’t want it, it can be disassembled relatively quickly and easily. Inground pools are essentially permanent and cannot be disassembled and moved; at least not easily and not without great expense.

Space Needed

If space is a factor when considering a swimming pool, then choosing Above The Ground Pools in Pearland is a viable solution. With sizes starting at 12-feet in diameter for a round above ground pool, installation in just about any yard, is not inconceivable. Above ground models require substantially less digging and construction equipment to build than inground choices.

Available Add-Ons

Above ground pools can be beautifully enhanced with wrap-around decks adding seating space and accessibility. Other extras include slides, underwater lights, diving boards, waterfalls and fountains.

Other advantages of an above ground pool include a higher level of safety as it’s harder to fall into an above ground pool than an inground. Ease of maintenance and repair is less than that of an inground pool due to the equipment being readily accessible and not hidden. With inground pools the lines running to and from the filtration system and sometimes the water supply is buried underground.

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