Prompt and Professional Emergency Locksmith Services

by | Sep 6, 2017 | Locksmith

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Most locksmiths will advertise Emergency Locksmith Services for specific situations. That means not all services will be provided at all hours of the night. If the locksmith on call does not believe the occasion is an emergency, the service is delayed until regular business hours.

Who Arrives

Other shops will place junior staff on call so they can get more experience. That is fine, if they have enough experience and can handle most circumstances. Timing is another relative factor that defines the quality of emergency services. It may take an hour or two, maybe even more, for the locksmith to arrive.

Compare Services

All Emergency Locksmith Services are not the same. It is wise to compare emergency policies, procedures, and charges for the locksmith shops in the area before the family is locked out of the house after midnight. An experienced locksmith, such as Able Lock Shop, will provide excellent customer service regardless of the hour. Certified and registered journeyman locksmiths will arrive at the location as soon as possible, often in about thirty minutes.

Commercial Emergency Services

Several businesses operate three shifts around the clock so locks, panic bars, key-less systems, and restricted areas have to be accessed at all times. A perfect example is a nursing home. It cannot close down for a few hours while a new locksmith attempts to fix the problem.

A restricted area, such as a medication room, may only be accessed by an identification card that has a chip in it. If there is a malfunction in the system, the nurse cannot get in to gather the medications needed for the four AM med pass. There is only a one hour leeway allowed between the time the medication is scheduled and the time it is given. Life saving medications, such as pills for chest pain or an injection for a bee sting, are also locked in the medication room.

Other Services

Safes are offered, as well as related services. Installing a wall safe, moving a large safe from one location to another, or opening a safe when the combination is forgotten are all available. Safes range from small locked boxes that can fit under a floor board or bed to large rooms that can be used to store valuables, research findings, and money. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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