Popular Window Treatments in Bradenton, FL Include Bilnds and Shades

by | Jun 9, 2016 | Windows

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Choosing the decor and design for a room can seem daunting due to the number of decorating choices on the market. One of the most important aspects of room decor is the choice of window treatments. Blinds and shades are popular choices for Window Treatments Bradenton FL as well as throughout the country.

Some of the advantages of blinds as a window covering choice include:

  • Style and Materials – Blinds simply provide a wider variety of styles and material choices than do curtains. Some of the most popular styles are pleated shades, honeycomb, and Roman shades. Blind options include aluminum, vertical, and wood or faux wood materials. Blinds are a practical choice for offices and businesses, providing a more appropriate look than curtains.
  • Cleaning – Cleaning is simple, using a damp cloth to remove dust versus laundering or dry cleaning for curtains, which can be costly. Alternately, a feather duster can also be used to effectively remove dust. Curtains collect and hold dust more readily than do blinds which can present a problem to those with allergies.
  • Function – Window treatments in Bradenton FL such as blinds offer both light control options as well as privacy. The level of privacy and light entering a room are controlled with a simple twist of the rod or wand. The curvature of the slats prevents people from seeing inside easily. Many manufacturers offer remote-controlled blinds, which is especially handy for hard-to-reach windows and skylights. Blinds come equipped with a rod on the side that adjusts how far the blinds open and a pull cord to raise and lower the blinds. Some blinds are made to open from the top down as well, which adds another level of privacy.
  • Energy Efficient – Like their curtain counterparts, blinds and shades offer energy savings by lowering heat gain in the summer months and decreasing heat loss in the winter months. Reflective blinds can reduce heat gain by almost 50-percent, which is a substantial energy saving advantage. Many are also available in room-darkening options as well.

Blinds and shades are often combined with a valance or curtains creating a finished, custom appearance. To get inspiration, a visit to Blinds & Designs will get the creative juices flowing. It is worthwhile to note that although most blinds can be installed by the homeowner, some may be more complex and are best left to professionals to install.

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