Planning To Remodel a Tiny Bathroom? Four Tips to Help Everything Fit

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Home Improvment Ideas

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Modern homes have spacious bathrooms and even half-baths. Older homes often make do with a bathroom no larger than a walk-in closet or a half-bath half that size. Homeowners wishing to remodel their bathrooms without tearing out a wall often wonder how it can be done. Here are four tips to help everything fit.

  • Accurate Measurements

Remodels using the correct measurements go more smoothly. The typical small bathroom is five feet by eight feet and includes a tub/shower, sink, and toilet.

You’ll need 32 inches for toilet placement, 38 inches in height for bathroom vanities, and five feet for the bath/shower combo. The height of the vanity is essential. If you buy a floating vanity with a vessel bowl, you’ll have to figure the height in relation to the body bending over it. Otherwise, pride can be 34 to 38 inches.

Are you looking for unique bathroom vanities in Philadelphia for your tiny space? We can help.

  • Traffic

If opening the bathroom or shower door precludes space from standing comfortably, considering installing bathroom vanities in a corner. This would free up some space when opening either the bathroom or the shower door.

  • Tubs

Those with tiny bathrooms often think they can’t get a tub. However, tub companies are making wares to fit in small spaces. Containers come in all shapes as well, so around the tub might fit in the area. They even come with hand-held shower wands for those wishing for a shower.

  • Toilets

Visitors don’t want to see the toilet if the bathroom door is open. Toilet placement should be discreet and can be hidden between the vanity and tub. Make the tub or vanity the focal point of the room, and the toilet shouldn’t be seen until someone enters the bathroom. AAA Distributor knows about small spaces. We offer unique bathroom vanities in Philadelphia. Call us or visit our website to learn more.

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