Overhead Garage Doors In Phoenix AZ Should Be Properly Maintained By An Experienced Technician

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Garage Door Supplier

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Overhead Garage Doors Phoenix AZ can develop a variety of problems over the course of their lifetime. These problems should always be diagnosed and repaired by trained personnel that regularly repair garage doors. There are many common problems that occur with garage doors such as:

* It will not close all the way and reopens. This could mean the limit switch needs to be adjusted.

* The garage door closes or opens only if the button remains pushed. The door could be misaligned, dirty or defective.

* The opener may not work or operate with the wall switch or remote. This is usually a sign there is some type of disruption in the power. The motor may need to be checked to ensure the electrical connections are not loose.

*The door becomes jammed or stuck. This is usually an indication the track is bent a cable or pulley is broken.

*The motor continues to run after the door opens. The limit switch probably needs to be moved away from the motor unit.

* A loud boom happens right before the door stops operating. This is usually a sign the spring needs to be replaced.

Regular maintenance of Overhead Garage Doors Phoenix AZ can eliminate problems from occurring. Squeaks and squeals of a garage door mean there’s dry rollers or bearings that need to be lubricated. Spraying any kind of lubricant onto these parts could cause additional accumulation of dirt and cause further damage. A reputable garage door company can lubricate these parts, so they last for years to come. Popping sounds when the door moves up or down means the rollers are wearing out and need to be replaced. Once a roller breaks, the garage door can go off track and won’t properly operate.

Neighborhood Garage Door Service offers outstanding service during regular office hours as well as emergency service 24 hours a day. Their highly-trained technicians can maintain your garage door and keep it working great all year long. When there’s any type of problem, they can quickly diagnose it and perform the necessary repairs at an affordable cost. For more information, please visit website.

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