New Roof, New Windows: Why One Small Roofer in Columbus Ohio Project Should Be Added to a Bigger One

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Roofing Contractor

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Homeowners in Ohio receiving a new roof are in for a huge improvement. A new roof is hard to miss, and the local Roofer in Columbus Ohio is likely to do an amazing job, playing off the fantastic architecture of the state. Receiving a new roof is a big project, of course. A big project should be done right or not at all. To make the most of a big construction project, homeowners should complement it with a small project that matches. The replacement of windows is one way to do exactly this.

Firstly, why? Windows can be drafty, ineffective, or leaking. A window replacement is a relatively inexpensive way to get something new without breaking the wallet open. If the roof is staying the same, there is likely no intention to extend the siding anytime soon. The window size and shape will remain intact, making a replacement a lot more logical than a full frame reconstruction and installation.

If there is any reconstruction of the roof necessary, the replacement of a window now as opposed to later will be a lot less costly. The team members can simply do it while parts of the roof are exposed, making for a much easier construction. No second clean-up. No repeat trip out to the home.

A window replacement will be the fraction of the cost of a roof replacement. A window replacement can also be finished in a day, and it will be a wonderful complement to a new roof. While the Roofer in Columbus Ohio is present- while the project is being completed- while the homeowners are in repair mode- a small window replacement just makes sense. It isn’t distracting anyone from the main project at hand. A new window acts as a nice balance to a new roof. The combination will make the entire exterior of the home glow.

Receive a free estimate by visiting The company offers siding, wood installations, and roofing at a low and competitive cost. Homeowners can take steps towards a new addition to their home and make modest replacements as the wear of another winter season creeps up.

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