Need Replacement Windows in Baltimore, MD?

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Home Improvement

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Replacing the windows in a home can stem from necessity, the desire to change the aesthetic feel and look of the home, or to increase the home’s energy efficiency. Besides the age of the home’s current windows, the new Windows’ desired look and function, and the cost and financing options, those looking for Replacement Windows in Baltimore MD should consider the best times of the year to replace windows. Since Maryland’s summers tend to be quite warm and winters slip towards the cold end of the spectrum, it is best to schedule a window replacement in the early fall or spring months.

Is it Time to Replace?

Windows on a home can last anywhere between ten to twenty years, on average. The lifespan will vary depending upon the type of window (e.g. vinyl, wood), the date the windows were made, manufacturing quality, and repeated environmental exposure to certain elements. If the lifespan of the windows is unknown, judge your replacement needs by whether you feel drafts or large amounts of air seeping in during the cold months.


The cost of Replacement Windows in Baltimore MD will increase with material and manufacturing quality, energy efficient features such as tinting, the number of windows in the home, and installer reputation. You will need to schedule an estimate with one or more potential installers to get a concrete idea of your options and how much each of those options will cost. A thorough installer will measure your windows, review color, material, and functional options, demonstrate noise and energy efficiency levels, and review the company’s payment and financing options.

Warranty and Other Considerations

If you do decide to move forward with Replacement Windows in Baltimore MD, ask about the warranty. A Standard warranty is ten years, and the installation process should take one to two days. If your home is part of a homeowner’s association, you will probably need to gain approval before the installer can proceed.

Most homeowners choose to replace the home’s windows due to age or failure. When windows fail, there can be a spike in energy bills, icing of interior areas adjacent to the windows, and gatherings of dust on the windowsills. Replacing a home’s windows can be costly, but the long-term energy savings and added resale value can more than justify the initial cost.

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