Master Key Systems Reduce The Number Of Keys And Not The Level Of Security

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Locksmith

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Master Key Systems are generally used for commercial locations with a large number of separate distinct areas where general access is not allowed or desired. It is an important security feature to have a variety of locks available to allow access to only those people that should be in each area, but not to require that there be a different key for every lock. There are several ways this system works and when it is done correctly it will still guarantee quick access to the appropriate person whenever needed.

Multi-leveled systems make it possible to give employees access to one general area and for supervisors to enter those areas with a master key that will also unlock other protected doors. A skilled locksmith service can assist commercial property owners with creating a blueprint for this type of layout that will prevent management and security from needing to carry dozens of keys with them at all times. Master Key Systems are used by hospitals, hotels and universities and a number of other facilities that have a great number of individual rooms that require security. For example, in an office building a pass key will give entry to a single private office. A submaster key can open all of these individual rooms as well as bathrooms or utility room doors. A master key is capable of opening the same doors as the submaster, but is also able to open the main office door or executive offices. This could be all of the levels or an additional grandmaster key could have additional control.

It may seem confusing in the beginning, but experts at the Able Lock Shop can assist with retrofitting a business to this level of security or aid with a new construction plan. Their assistance will make it possible to have the protection necessary without making it more complex than it needs to be. The point of installing a key system is to make certain that every building has the highest level of security available to them. Contact the office for more information about developing a sensible and secure key system for any commercial or industrial building or even for a residential home. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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