Keeping the Lawn Green with Appropriate Lawn Care Practices

by | Dec 25, 2019 | Pest Control

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Keeping your lawn green in Boynton Beach, Florida can be a challenge if you are not utilizing the right lawn care company. There is a huge difference in dealing with a company that focuses on “mow and blow” services and a company that offers true care for your lawn that is based on scientific evidence of what works. Keeping your lawn green depends on several important steps:

1. Insect control
2. Proper levels of fertilization
3. Proper watering techniques

One of the many problems that your lawn has to deal with to be successful is to manage the pests. Grubs and other pests can easily wreak havoc on the root system of your lawn and cause brown spots and eventually cause the lawn to die in sections. The right level of pest control is an absolute necessity but it has to be managed correctly which many landscape companies are unable to do effectively. Lawn pests not only affect the quality of your lawn but they also can affect humans and animals alike. It is important to be able to get them under control. Some of the pests that are hiding in your lawn can bite both animals and humans. Their larvae will tunnel into your lawn and feast on the root system. Pests are likely the number one killer of lawn care in Boynton Beach, Florida. Getting them under control will help to keep your lawn green and healthy.

Fertilization can also be a killer of your lawn. It has to be balanced. Too much and it can kill your lawn and of course there are environmental issues that over fertilization can cause. Too little and your lawn will not get the benefits that you hoped for. A professional will be able to apply the proper levels of fertilizer that will benefit your lawn and give you the results that you hoped for. Fertilizer has to be applied not only in the right amounts but during the right time of year. It is one of the most beneficial things you can provide your lawn to help keep it green but when it is not done exactly to specifications it can be one of the worst things you do to your lawn. A professional can help.

Watering is also an important consideration, getting the right amount of water is important but most people do not know if you are getting rid of the insects and using the right fertilizer it can cut back on the amount of water your lawn needs! Above & Beyond Pest Control can provide you with the support you need to keep your lawn green!

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