Insect Infestation? Hire Pest Control Experts in Roseville

by | Nov 2, 2019 | Home Improvement

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Insects are a constant threat to a home. Pest control treatments will effectively kill off insects such as ants, stink bugs, and termites, but homeowners have to understand that a new infestation is always a possibility. It’s important for homeowners to form a long-term partnership with a pest management company such as Eco-Care Pest Management, Inc. The well-trained technicians will get to know a home’s infestation pattern. They can then craft a prevention program for Pest control Roseville that will keep their home safe and healthy.

Homeowners should call a pest management company as soon as they see any evidence of an infestation. Rodent droppings in kitchen cabinets, sawdust by wood furniture, or squeaking sounds in air conditioning vents are all signs that a home has a pest problem. It’s understandable that a homeowner would want to clean up as soon as they see rodent droppings. They should use protective gloves and put the droppings in a sealed bag. This evidence will help the technician identify which rodent is to blame. Trained exterminators will know which treatment to use based upon pest identification. They will also clean the area. Rodent dropping can transmit serious illnesses, so having the area professionally sanitized is important.

Homeowners are often concerned about the chemicals used to kill and prevent pest infestations. All of the pesticides used by Eco-Care Pest Management, Inc. are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. These Pest control service Roseville professionals always use them in the proper manner. While it is necessary to keep children and pets out of the area as the chemicals are applied, it’s safe for them to be there once the surfaces are dry.

Property owners can choose to have exterminators work on a one-time basis or they can sign up for the Annual Home Shield Plan. If they opt for a one-time treatment, the work will be guaranteed to prevent pests from returning for a specific time period. Home Shield Plan participants pay an annual fee and get three scheduled inspections and treatments each year. Free emergency treatments are also included if an infestation occurs. Homeowners know they can get help quickly, if they see a pest problem.

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