Getting Earwigs Control in Kailua-Kona

by | Sep 4, 2018 | Pest Control

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Have you noticed earwigs in your home lately? Do you want to know how to keep them away for good? You are not alone.

Earwigs Control Kailua-Kona professionals receive many requests concerning the extermination of earwigs from homeowners and businesses. It is one of the most common pest management treatments they are asked to do.

Why worry about earwigs?

It may be hard to believe by looking at them, but earwigs are not dangerous to humans. The idea that they can get into people’s ears and dig into their brains while they sleep is a myth. Earwigs will not try to lay their eggs there either.

Earwigs, when in moderate amounts, may be beneficial. Depending on the species, they feed on decaying organic matter, insect larvae, worms and other pests that damage gardens or flowers. However, if a population grows out of control, their presence around the home can make people very uncomfortable. Their pincers give people the goosebumps.

Earwigs can also carry viruses that put gardens at risk. In both cases, professional Earwigs Control Kailua-Kona is recommended.

Physical description

The earwig is a six-legged insect measuring between around ¾ of an inch long. Its body is slightly flattened with a shiny rusty brown colored shell. It has a pair of claws at the end of its abdomen, and these pincers are a defense that males use against other males during the mating season.

In situations that require it, the male raises its pinchers above the body of the aggressor, much like a scorpion will. Note that some males are more curved than females.

Where do earwigs hide?

  • Along the walls in the basements and wet sheds
  • In dark, damp rooms like the bathroom or the laundry room
  • In finished basements
  • In window frames
  • Around the outside foundations of a house
  • Under outside rocks


Earwigs are more active at night, but if they move during the day, they will look for dark, wet corners. They prefer to live outside, so if you find them indoors, they are probably not looking for a place for their nest. Unlike socially organized insects, they do not live in colonies, but rather individually, and preferably in moist soils. Contact Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC for more information. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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