Factors to Consider When Purchasing Sliding Closet Doors in Santa Clarita CA

by | Jul 4, 2017 | Home Improvement

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Sliding Closet Doors in Santa Clarita CA are one of the most extensively used closet doors. Though they may be expensive, many homeowners and home renovators prefer installing them. Sliding closet doors move by means of a track installed within the closet’s walls. This makes additional space available for use both outside and inside the closet. They bring a new look and feel to the living space and makes for a more spacious closet. The following are some factors to consider when purchasing sliding closet doors for installation in one’s home.

Type of Material

The type of material used in the door’s construction should be properly considered. Individuals who prefer very durable closet doors should opt for sliding doors made from pressed and solid wood. For a more elegant look, those made from glass or mirrors may be the best option.


Sliding closet doors come in different sizes and designs. The width and height of the door should match with the space in which it is being installed. If the closet door is being replaced, this can be taken care of by simple measurement. However, if it is a new construction, ask the contractor to determine the size of sliding door to purchase.

Track/Runner Type

Some door designs involve the installation of runners on the bottom and top of the closet space. Ensure that the right kind of runner is purchased alongside the door or, if it is a replacement, the door being purchased must match the already installed runner.

Mode of Installation

There are different materials used in making sliding closet doors, and they include wood, mirror, plastic, fabric, etc. Each has a slightly different installation method. However, it is advised that homeowners should not perform a DIY installation. Though the installation process may look simple, it is better to engage the services of professional installation contractors. In cases where the material used in the door’s construction is fragile, such as sliding doors made of glass or plastic, a DIY attempt may cause damage to the door.

Individuals and homeowners should consider the installation of Sliding Closet Doors in Santa Clarita CA. For more information and to make inquiries on where to purchase sliding closet doors, please visit the website.

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