Enjoy an Opened Window Again with a Screen Repair in O’Fallon, MO

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Home Improvement

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Beautiful windows provide a home with aesthetic appeal. They provide natural light for a room and an opening to view the magnificent outdoors. Interior windows can be dressed with blinds or curtains increasing the visual appeal of a room. A screened window has even more benefits including keeping insects out and reducing energy costs.

Most people think of screens as a way to keep bugs out of an opened window. Screens also prevent leaves and other debris from flying into the home. Animals, such as squirrels and birds, are also kept out with a mesh cover. An opened window may be an invitation for a pet to explore the outdoors at times they are supposed to be indoors. Screens allow animals, bugs, and debris to be kept outside and pets inside.

An opened window can save energy, particularly in the spring and fall months. The air conditioner can be turned off, and fresh air let in. The circulation will also prevent condensation and mold growth. If the air cools down in the evening, an opened window can help cool the home without using any electricity. Screens can also filter UV sunlight, protecting skin and home decor from sun damage. In addition, the filtered light may help reduce energy costs in summer months. Direct sunlight through an unscreened window will heat up a home and require more AC to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Continue to enjoy the benefits of screened windows by keeping them in good condition. A Window Screen Repair in O’Fallon, MO is necessary if there is any visible sign of damage. Holes and tears are obvious signs a repair is needed. Mesh pulling out of the frame may not be as noticeable, but also requires attention. Screens with a shiny color have outlived their life cycle and are more likely to become damaged. Damage to the frame may not be as obvious. Cracks or bends in a frame will make a screen inefficient. Gaps at any corner also indicate the frame needs to be replaced.

A house with well-maintained window screens will look polished. Unsightly screens reduce the curb appeal of a home. Damage to the frame or the mesh material will require a window screen repair in O’Fallon, MO. A M Richards Glass Co Inc can help you keep your window screens looking and functioning at their best.

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