Eliminate Leaks Using Superior Roof Contractors in Nassau County NY

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Roofing

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The roof of a building is a complex structure whose primary purpose is to keep the elements away. Unfortunately, this task is not always easy, especially when the roof has degraded. Consider the case of a low-sloped roof that hasn’t been resurfaced recently. This typically results in drying asphalt and shrinkage in the roofing material.

Shrinking will usually result in cracks and this could allow water to enter the building. Preventing this problem is much easier if a roof of this type has regular maintenance and the occasional application of extra asphalt.

One area where certain roof contractors in Nassau County NY shine is the pitched roof on large commercial buildings. Repairing these structures can be a difficult and dangerous job, mostly because of the steep angles and the need to carry heavy roofing products over them. Unfortunately, the only way to reduce this concern is to replace the roof with a more durable option such as fiber-cement tiles or stamped steel.

Fiber-cement is a mixture of Portland cement and cellulose, typically a wood pulp or sawdust. One reason for using cement is the way that the moisture in the product binds to the cellulose. In fact, the liquid saturates the fibers and this helps it to bond with the cement. Another reason that cement is an excellent binder is the rigid strength it provides. Combine this with the flexibility that the cellulose provides and the result is a product that can handle thirty years or more of inclement weather. This means that Roof Contractors in Nassau County NY should only be required for repairs.

For folks that prefer the look of asphalt, there are a couple of products designed to last for decades. The first is the laminated shingle and the other is the composite shingle. These two products are made from asphalt materials, but there is little else that they have in common. For example, the laminated shingle has additional material placed on the back of the shingle. Contrast this with the composite shingle that has additional layers on top. Both of these durable products are normally warranted for the life of the home.

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