Decorate with Mirror Strips in Palmdale CA

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Home Improvement

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While a large wall mirror is a nice feature, Mirror Strips in Palmdale, CA provide a more manageable and customizable alternative. They can be arranged in decorative patterns and shapes on walls as well as furniture. There are designs that people create of city skylines, faux starbursts or even a video game inspired graphic made from the strips of mirror. Below are some decorating ideas to consider.

City Skyline

Mirror strips in Palmdale, CA come in different widths and heights, so they work well together to create a skyline coming up from the floor or a baseboard along a wall. This is a great feature behind a desk or wide piece of furniture in an office space as well. The use of a triangle mirror at the top of some of the buildings is a nice effect. Some even take it another step and paint the wall to look like a sunset behind the mirrors for an enhanced visual display. For another look, apply the mirror skyline on one wall and then duplicate the same painted silhouette in a painted form on the opposite wall.

Video Games

Mirror strips are similar in shape to reminders from some video games from decades gone by. Create a game inspired wall by placing large strips vertically near both ends of a wall, each at a different height, with a square or round mirror somewhere near the center for a Pong-inspired wall. A series of mirror strips all the same but in different lengths placed horizontally near the ceiling looks like the playing field for a game of Breakout. These are just some ideas that work well in a game room that the family will enjoy.

Starbursts & Flowers

Mirrors that look like a starburst or flowers are from another era, but they can be recreated today. Place a large round mirror up high on the wall. Then, use mirror strip rays to surround it. Alternate strips in two different sizes for a sun-ray effect. This is a beautiful element in a foyer or family room.

Those in need of Mirror Strips in Palmdale, CA can turn to Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company. They are licensed and insured and can meet all your custom glass and mirror needs. They have been around since 1952 and have worked with many well known and respected builders, contractors, developers along with homeowners over the years.

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