Contact Roofing Contractors After Storms to Minimize Damages

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Roofing

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With the area’s frequent storms, homeowners are often faced with roof damage that should always be repaired quickly. Roofing contractors in the Topeka KS area always recommend that roofing inspections be considered after storms with strong winds or hail move through the area. Of course, snow and ice also take their toll during the winter months. If there is any indication of damage, roofing experts should be consulted to evaluate the damage and recommend repair or replacement options.

What Signs Indicate a Need to Have a Roof Inspected?

The most obvious sign is water leaking into the interior spaces of a home or business. When water is entering any interior space, extensive damage can occur quickly if repairs are not taken care of immediately. Missing shingles also mean a roofing professional should be contacted immediately. Missing or badly damaged shingles can easily lead to leaks. If hailstorms move through the neighborhood, roofs should be inspected immediately, as hail damage may not be readily visible from the ground. Since it’s important to start insurance claims for hail damage quickly, contacting Roofing Contractors in Topeka KS, for an inspection after a significant hail event should be at the top of every area homeowner’s to-do list.

Will Roofing Professionals Always Recommend a Complete Roof Replacement?

While there are contractors who seem to do just that, replacing a roof isn’t always necessary. The area’s top contractors will evaluate the extent of the damage and provide the homeowner with repair and replacement options. If a roof is relatively new, repairs will often suffice. Repairs to older roofs with extensive damage may not be cost effective. In those cases, the contractor may suggest a replacement as the best option.

What Type of Roofing Material is Best?

There is no simple answer to that question. With the many types of roofing material now available, it’s important to discuss the choices with a roofing professional before making any decisions. While basic three-tab shingles are still selected by many homeowners, there are other options that will resist damage better than entry-level three-tab shingles, last longer, and look far nicer.

The first step to take when any damage to a roof is suspected or when a new roof is clearly going to be needed is to contact Alpha Roofing LLC for advice. The contractor will suggest options and provide a detailed estimate for any recommended work.

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