Considering Your Options for Tiling Areas Within Your Bathroom

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Flooring

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When you remodel your bathroom, you may need to choose a variety of new fixtures to go in it. Along with selecting a new sink, tub, and toilet, you also may want to shop for new tiles that you can use on the floor, walls, and other parts of your bathroom.

When you are at the tile store in Manhattan, you may be surprised at all of your options, however. You may select the best one by knowing what qualities to look for in this material. New tile can upgrade, modernize, and revitalize any bathroom space to give it a new look and feel and change the décor scheme.

As you browse the selections at the tile store in Manhattan, you may need to keep in mind how much money you have to spend on this aspect of your remodel. If you are on a limited budget, you may want to select a lower cost tile option like those made out of materials like vinyl or laminate. These materials are on the lower end of the price spectrum but still designed to give you the use and aesthetics you want.

If your budget is more generous, you may look at tiles made out of ceramic or porcelain. These materials cost a bit more. However, they are more durable and have more of a gloss and shine that cannot be found with lower end materials. There are numerous options in every price range.

You also may want to keep in mind what colors you want to use for tiling your bathroom. The most common colors you can find at most tile stores is white, off=white, or ecru. These hues are neutral in tone so they can complement any decorative scheme you use in the bathroom.

However, you also have other color options including pink, blue, and yellow. Tile stores also carry patterned tile if you want a more interesting, eye-catching look.

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