Considerations When Converting a Farmington, CT Basement to an Apartment

by | Sep 25, 2023 | Home Improvement Contractor

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Converting an unfinished basement to an accessory dwelling unit allows homeowners to provide a home for relatives or friends or to earn rental money for an apartment. This type of basement remodeling in Farmington, CT is especially appealing for walkout basements since there is greater potential for abundant natural light. However, it can also work for other floor plans if there is easy access to the outdoors without having to go up to the main level.

A Private Entrance

The homeowners might not mind if relatives enter and leave the house through a shared exterior door upstairs, but a private entrance is ideal. That also will be preferred when renting the downstairs to someone the property owners aren’t well acquainted with.

A home on sloped land or a hill likely already has a basement exterior door for that part of the building. With a house constructed on relatively flat property, a contractor could excavate to the basement if an exterior door is desired. Exterior stairs will lead up to the land.


During basement remodeling in Farmington, CT, carpeting can be placed over a concrete floor after the installation of a subfloor. The basement must be waterproofed and sealed to prevent leaks during heavy rainfall. Humidity must be controlled.

Another option would be to have laminate or tile flooring installed or a combination of the two. Many individuals particularly like the look of tile in bathrooms. The residents then can add area rugs of their choice.

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