Comparing the Pros and Cons of Plaster and Drywall in Los Angeles

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Home Improvement

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Homes built in the 1960s and earlier commonly had plaster walls and ceilings, but later, Drywall in Los Angeles and elsewhere began to be used more frequently. The material was invented in 1916 but didn’t become prevalent in residential construction until the strong economic growth and building boom that occurred after World War II. Drywall has some advantages over plaster in new construction.

Seismic Activity

One distinct advantage of Drywall in Los Angeles compared with plaster is that it won’t crack during relatively minor earth tremors that are common in this region. Even a small ground shift that is barely noticeable can cause a crack in a plaster wall that dismays the owners of the house.

Seismic activity can damage drywall if it is strong enough, but the effects on plaster are worse. Plaster can actually crumble, and repairing it is difficult. Full replacement of areas of plaster may be necessary. In older homes, there typically were two or three coats of plaster over wood lath. Matching this work is labor-intensive.

Strength of Plaster vs. Drywall

Plaster is harder than drywall and better able to withstand other types of incidents that could cause damage. That’s one reason some people having a house built still insist on plaster, even though it costs more. Another reason is that plaster can be used to make thicker walls. Normally, walls of that material are at least twice as thick as drywall.

Cost Considerations

The lower cost is another advantage of drywall, as it makes the price of a new home more affordable. The use of drywall was a major component of the housing boom since there was such a demand for additional homes after large numbers of military veterans returned to civilian life. This material allowed builders to construct homes more rapidly and at less expense.

Cleaning These Materials

Companies like CC Cleaning/Maintenance can work their magic to bring drywall and plaster back to its original color, removing discoloration and staining that have accumulated over the years. Drywall must already be covered with paint or wallpaper if it is going to be washed. Browse our website for information.

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