Choosing your Bathroom Cabinets: What you need to Know

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Kitchen Remodeler

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Admittedly, designing your St. Augustine bathroom is far more complicated than designing a kitchen, though the bathroom cabinets are very similar. There are lots of things to take into consideration long before you purchase the first fixture or piece of hardware, but it all starts with being able to utilize your space competently.

Taking a Look at your Space

The best way for you to determine what you need is to think about how you use the space that you have. A great example would be the tub – how often do you find yourself using it? Do you like to soak? If so then a linen tower would be a great investment for right beside your tub. If you only use your bathroom for showering however, then you could probably utilize the space more efficiently by keeping shower related supplies in a standard cabinet. Remember, the name of the game is to make sure that you are comfortable in whatever setup you choose.

Get Some Design Ideas

As always you have your standard wood cabinets, from high gloss to wood grain, but before you make a decision, understand that you are working to make a smaller space fully functional. It’s a difficult prospect, to say the least, and you should start by looking for ideas on TV, in magazines, and perhaps even take inspiration from other bathrooms. To take it to the next level, consider visiting a designer’s showroom to see what their experts have come up with.

Your bathroom is an extremely personal space and you need to treat it as such when you are designing it; choose the right bathroom cabinets so that you can enjoy them for many years to come.

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