Care Essentials for Your Patio Furniture

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Home Improvement

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Proper care of your patio furniture can make them last. If you want to make sure your chairs, chaise lounges and cushions stay in great shape for a good many summers to come, here are care pointers you must know:

Store them

There’s no point in letting your furniture suffer from rust or mold damage so keep them indoors or put them in storage during harsh weather conditions. This is an excellent way to make your furniture last longer.

Bag them

Don’t have enough space for your outdoor chairs and tables? No worries. A good workaround solution to this is to simply seal them in airtight bags. That should keep them protected from outdoor elements.

Use furniture covers

You could also use furniture covers. There are plenty of options available for every shape and size out there that finding ones to fit your patio furniture perfectly should be easy. You’ll want to carefully consider which covers fit the bill. Some are UV-treated while others are waterproof. Both offer excellent protection for your furniture, says The Seattle Times.

Check your storage

Inspect the storage area for leaks. Otherwise, you could expose your furniture to humidity levels that could deal considerable damage to the material.

Clean your furniture

In most cases, you’ll only need soap and water to clean the dirt and dust off your furniture. But read the manufacturer’s guidelines, just in case. Failure to clean your furniture before putting them in storage could lead to mold and mildew problems. Also, the dirt and dust could seep into the fabric or damage the finish on your pieces.

Shop for new ones

In case the damage is irreparable or you find yourself wanting to go for a new style, then shop for new furniture pieces. The right ones should give your outdoors a new lease on life.

With these tips, care and maintenance of your outdoor furniture should be easier.

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