The Best Ways To Prepare Drywall In Long Beach For Painting

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Home Improvement

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Drywall is one of the final aspects completed during a construction project and is when a structure will begin to take shape internally and provide an idea of what the structure will look like upon completion. Painting Drywall in Long Beach can be frustrating and should not be tackled by those with limited experience. A few missteps can create drywall that is unsightly and lead to an interior of a new building that looks rough and unfinished. Here are a few tips to make the process easier.

Smooth The Surface

Before the drywall is painted, it is crucial to remove any rough spots or edges that were left behind during the installation stage. Be sure to use drywall tape on any joints, and then cover any cracks or seams with a joint compound. Once the compound has dried, the next step is to use high grit sand paper to remove significant imperfections and finish the surface using a fine grit paper to ensure a smooth final product.

Primed And Ready

Once the compound has been smoothed, the contractor should remove the surface dust from the drywall and then apply a primer to the surface. Drywall will soak up as much as 40 percent of the first application, so it may be necessary to apply up to 3 coats to achieve a properly primed surface. Not using a quality primer first can lead to waste, as it can take a great deal more paint to achieve a wall that is free of streaks and splotchy areas.

Paint Application

Once the wall is primed, the last step is to apply the paint to the surface. Even with primer, most colors require at least two coats to get proper coverage. In vast areas, paint should be applied using a roller, and then edged using a brush. This will ensure smooth coverage and a wall that is free of drips and other visual imperfections.

Instead of painting Drywall in Long Beach on their own, many homeowners choose to hire a professional painting company. The team at CC Cleaning & Maintenance can help by making quick and easy work of painting new drywall. contact us today to learn more, and see how affordable and easy finishing drywall should be.

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