Best Eyebrow Feathering In Australia: Considerations

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Eyebrow Specialists

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Most women find that time and lifestyle habits can change the appearance of their face and body. If you have noticed thinning eyebrows, it could be time to consider a semi-permanent option. The best eyebrow feathering in Australia, also called microblading, is a popular technique for a variety of reasons. You can choose a shade that matches your natural hair colour, which makes the results appear more uniform, and you will feel more confident thanks to the full, natural-looking brows that this method creates.

The specialists at Tanya Beauty Care Studio & Academy can perform the best eyebrow feathering in Australia. The microfeathering technique uses a small hand tool with fine needles. These needles create tiny marks on the skin, which look like real and natural hair. A special hypo-allergenic pigment is also used. It gives you semi-permanent results that can last up to two years with appropriate touch-ups. Results can vary, though, so you should talk to a professional about this if you have any concerns. Generally, a topical anaesthetic is applied throughout the procedure to reduce discomfort and pain. Depending on the colour you choose, you’re likely to be able to go out in public confidently within two to five days.

The best eyebrow feathering in Australia must be done by a qualified professional, someone who has taken their training seriously and knows everything from how to apply the feathering to how your skin type might accept the pigment. Tanya has been in business for a decade, and she is highly trained in this type of work, so you can count on her expertise when you make an appointment. You can learn more about the services she offers by visiting her website. Additionally, you can book an appointment to consult with her about the techniques that might be right for you.

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