Benefits Of Lawn Aeration In Spokane

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Landscaping

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For most homeowners, their lawn is very important. When your lawn looks nice, it gives your house curb appeal. Many people work very hard to get their grass green and lush. One way to get your lawn to grow green and thick is to contact a professional in Lawn Aeration in Spokane. There are several benefits to having your lawn aerated.

The Lawn Can Breathe

Aerating the lawn will help it gain access to nutrients, fertilizers, and an increased amount of oxygen, which are all essential for grass to grow. When you water an aerated lawn, the water can reach the roots easier, which allow them to thrive.

Prevents Water Wastage

When you lawn is aerated, it needs less water than a lawn that is not. The access holes created during aeration allows the water to get right to the roots. When the lawn is not aerated, it takes a great deal of water to get to the roots. When you use so much water, it tends to form puddles in the yard.

Improves the Lawn’s Overall Health

During aeration, unwanted weeds are removed. This benefits the lawn greatly. It has been found that lawns that are not aerated are much more likely to develop brown spots than those that were aerated.

Prevents Soil Compaction

When pressure causes the soil to cake together, without any pores, it causes the soil to become compacted. When this happens, the soil is unable to hold air and eliminate water. This is not good for the health of the lawn. When the lawn is aerated, soil compaction is not an issue.

Clears Up Thatch

Thatch is located below the soil and the grass. When a thick thatch builds up, it can be a breeding ground for insects and disease. When you have your lawn aerated, it will break up thick thatch buildup, and protects your grass.

There are several things that you can do to ensure proper grass growth. One of the best things that you can do is hire a specialist in Lawn Aeration in Spokane. They have the knowledge and skills to aerate your lawn effectively, so that you can grow thick lush grass.

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