The Basics of Broken Window Repair in Marlboro, NJ

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Home Improvement

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There are a few ways to repair your broken windows. The simplest solution is to replace them. However, that’s not always the most necessary or cost-effective solution. In other cases, the specialists might choose to repair the glass that is there. In others, they might replace the entire window and window frame. Based on the problem, there are different types of broken window repair.

Foggy Windows

If your windows look foggy or if moisture is piling up inside the window, that could be a result of a bad seal. A double glazed window is a window made of two panes of glass with a cushion of air between them. That cushion of air needs to remain intact, and the window needs to be airtight. If that’s not the case, it can result in moisture getting into your windows. To avoid that, you need to call a specialist for broken window repair in Marlboro, NJ. It might not be as dramatic as a shattered window, but it definitely counts as a broken window.

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Shattered Glass

In many cases, your broken window repair will consist of shattered glass. If the glass has actually shattered, there’s no repairing it. However, the window can be salvaged by replacing the pane of glass. That’s incredibly difficult for the average person, but a glazier can do it quickly. You could also take this opportunity to upgrade your window, so it doesn’t shatter again. There are many different options. Storm glass is a thicker kind of glass that is resistant to shattering. There are also some other types of glass that are less susceptible to breaking that could be right for you.

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