A Variety of Options for Stump Removal Still Leaves Many Property Owners Feeling Stumped

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Tree Services

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For many people, it’s a curiosity as to why so many property owners have tree stumps in the yard. If a tree fell down in a storm or needed to be cut down by a professional tree service technician, why would the homeowner just leave the stump there? Oddly enough, Stump Removal is often a more time-consuming and complicated process than removing an entire tree is, especially if the stump is wide.

A skilled and experienced tree service technician may spend half an hour pondering over how to safely bring down a tree, and then do the actual cutting and felling in just a few minutes. Stump Removal, however, requires tasks such as grinding the wood with heavy equipment or poisoning the stump and burning the deteriorated wood several weeks later. Another option would be to tackle the stump and the roots with a chainsaw, ax and shovel. After wrapping a chain around what is left, the person doing the job can attach the chain to a pickup truck and attempt to haul the stump out. This is not the safest activity for either the person or the truck.

Many homeowners have trouble making a decision how to proceed, so they just don’t bother. However, they then have to live with this eyesore that gradually rots away and becomes a tripping hazard. Hiring a company such as Kuhn’s Tree Service Inc, is a better idea. They provide the stump-grinding equipment and the skilled labor to operate it. This way, the property owner doesn’t have to spend hours of free time learning how to run the device and attempting to grind the wood down. With professional service, the work is done safely and efficiently, leaving a place in the yard that now can be put to better use.

After the stump has been cleared from the ground, the hole should be filled with dirt and allowed to settle. Additional dirt can be added if this occurs over the next week or two. Soon the property owner can decide whether to spread grass seed on top or whether to plant a new tree there. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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