3 Reasons to Replace Kitchen Cabinets in Tucson, AZ Homes

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Home Improvement

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The current trend of refacing kitchen cabinets works well for many homeowners, but is not the answer for everyone. Refacing or painting well-made older cabinetry can make sense. However, the process does not solve all problems. For instance, it is best for owners to replace damaged kitchen cabinets in Tucson AZ homes. New cabinets can also correct a poor layout. In addition, homeowners usually need to install new cabinetry if kitchens have suffered from structural problems.

The Current Kitchen Layout Is Terrible

If original kitchen cabinets are part of a poor layout, they contribute to an inefficient, unattractive space. Refacing them might brighten up the area and give it a more modern look, but the core problem will remain. Replacing kitchen cabinets in Tucson AZ homes provides an opportunity to create a layout that changes the entire look of the kitchen while improving efficiency. It can also add storage and increase home values.

Cabinets Are in Poor Condition

Homeowners with damaged or poorly made kitchen cabinets often arrange to have them replaced by contacting renovation professionals at sites like daviskitchens-az.com. Contractor websites usually include a “browse our website” invitation that steers visitors to before and after photos that serve as inspiration. Replacement cabinetry is the best option for damaged or poor quality cabinets because it can be difficult to add hardware and they might fall apart anyway. In many cases, original materials are simply not worth saving. Replacement cabinets not only give kitchens a facelift but provide stable, long-lasting storage areas.

A Kitchen Has Structural Damage

When structural issues have impacted kitchens, cabinets are often too damaged to update. The problem is common in homes where the floors have settled and caused walls to shift. Cabinets begin to hang crookedly and doors may not close correctly. There are no upgrades that will fix these problems. However, professionals can remove original cabinetry, make repairs, and install replacements that fit beautifully.

Homeowners often replace kitchen cabinets to correct poor layouts and when original cabinetry is in bad shape. If structural damage to homes has impacted cabinets, owners often hire professionals to remove them, repair damages, and install replacements.

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