3 Exciting Design Tips for Your Bespoke Kitchen Remodel in London

by | Mar 13, 2024 | Kitchen Renovation Company

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Designing contemporary kitchens in London provides an opportunity to unleash your creativity. However, it’s still important to set some boundaries and plan your overall theme. By keeping your creativity bound within a few basic guidelines, you can create a beautiful design that will help your new kitchen stand out in a positive light.

Get Personal with Your Design

When designing bespoke painted kitchens, many people make the mistake of copying others. While you can get ideas from online sites, such as Pinterest, your kitchen design should represent your unique character and charm. Choose a style that appeals to you. Whether you choose a rustic theme or something more modern, listen to your heart in creating a style that’s personal and endearing to you.

Consider Functionality

In designing contemporary kitchens in London, functionality is an important concern, but that can mean something different for everyone. Some people need large amounts of counter space for meal preparation while others prefer to minimize countertops in favor of more cabinetry. If you have children or your meal prep experiences tend to be messy, surfaces that are easier to clean might be more important. Look for design features that will give you the greatest efficiency in using your kitchen.

Create Activity Zones

Even the smallest bespoke painted kitchens can seem larger when you use your available space wisely. Create different activity zones in your kitchen and design each zone separately. You might designate one area for eating meals or engaging in conversation. A separate zone should be designed for efficient meal prepping. The area around your kitchen sink should make clean-up easier.

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