Constructing a Garage for Your Home in Chicago: How and Where to Start

Have you been using a carport to park your vehicles but have recently decided that a garage is better suited for you and your family’s needs? If so, then you are likely searching for design ideas to replace your age-old carport, as it no longer provides adequate protection against the elements. But, how and where do you start to begin constructing a garage for your home?

Attached or Freestanding: Which is Best?

To help you embark on your journey, you will need to decide whether or not the garage will be attached to your home or will it be freestanding. Both options provide advantages over the other but may depend on available space. For instance, if you decide to attach the garage to your home, you will need ample space to perform construction tasks to avoid damaging your home. In contrast, a freestanding garage can provide you with endless design possibilities, but may require the use of additional materials to shield you from the elements when traversing between your home and the garage.

The Most Important Component

The garage can be used to not only secure your vehicles but also to store belongings. For this reason, you might consider installing an automatic garage door for your garage. Garage doors can offer protection and convenience, making it an absolute must-have component.

Complete, Customized Solutions

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