What Signs Roofing Contractors in Palatine IL Are Looking At When Inspecting Your Roof

Roof manufacturers recommend that you have your roof inspected by roofing contractors in Palatine IL on a yearly basis. Having the roof inspected allows the professional to find any potential problems while they are still relatively small. This helps protect major damage to your roof, and the cost associated with major repairs. Here are some of the things that roofing contractors look for when inspecting your roof.

Missing Roofing Materials:

One of the first things that Roofing contractors in Palatine IL will do when inspecting your roof is to look for missing roofing materials. Wind gusts can blow materials off of a roof, leaving a bare patch on your roof. This can allow water to easily seep into your roof, damaging the roof’s structure. A contractor will look for bare patches, and then recommend that you repair the problem by patching the area.

Signs of Water Penetration:

Another thing that Roofing contractors in Palatine IL will look for when inspecting a roof is signs of water penetration. Your roofing materials are designed to repel water, which prevents it from seeping into your home. Unfortunately, over time, your roofing materials lose some of their effectiveness, and water can seep into your roof. Some signs of water penetration include discoloration, puddling, moss build-up, bubbling and rot. If an inspector notices water penetration, they will recommend you pull back the roofing materials and replace it. If the penetration is wide spread, you may have to replace your entire roof, rather than replacing just one section.

Damage to the Roof:

The last sign that roofing contractors will look for when inspecting your roof are signs of damage to the roof. There are many outdoor things that can damage a roof, such as sunlight, pests, birds, snow, hail, rocks and sticks. Some signs of damage include torn shingles, shrunk roofing materials, missing flashing, and roofing materials that are lifted. Depending on the extent of damage, roofing repair or roof replacement may be needed. A roofing contractor can also help you prevent damage to your roof, by pointing out issues that may cause problems.