Quartz Countertops Give Your Naperville Kitchen an Expensive Look

You may have seen quartz countertops in Naperville and wondered, are they made from real quartz stone? The answer is yes and no. Quartz countertops are manufactured stones that are typically made of ground quartz bound with a very hard resin. However, other ingredients can be added, such as metal flakes, broken mirrors, and other types of stone. Needless to say, a quartz countertop in Naperville can give your kitchen a very unique and beautiful look.

If you like the rich look of marble or granite but can’t afford a natural stone countertop, quartz is a good alternative. But, while quartz is cheaper than a marble or granite countertop, it is not cheap compared to laminate or butcher block. However, quartz countertops will outlast cheaper options by many years.

Most quartz countertops in Naperville mimic the look of marble, and some mimic granite. Overall, manufacturers take advantage of the translucent quality of the quartz to create a primarily white countertop. Marble-like veins and granite flecks are added for a natural stone look. In fact, unless you tell your friends and family it’s a manufactured stone, they’ll assume it’s real marble.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, a quartz countertop is a good choice; while it’s more expensive than laminate, it will last much longer. You deserve to have the kitchen of your dreams, and you’ll get the expensive look of a natural stone countertop for less.

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