Things That Are Often Overlooked in Move-Out Cleaning Near Mill Valley, CA

When you are moving out of a rental or leased property, it may be necessary to have the property cleaned before the official move-out date. There are some things that can be overlooked when you need move-out cleaning services near Mill Valley, CA.

Carpet and Flooring

If you have children or pets living with you, you know just how dirty floors can get. Carpet is something that may need to be professionally cleaned to make it look nice once again. Professional-grade steamers are often necessary to get hardwood, vinyl or ceramic floors looking good.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinetry is an easy area to overlook. Kitchen cabinets can be difficult to get clean because grease gets splashed on them during the process of cooking food. Cabinets usually need to be degreased to get them looking acceptable once again.

Windows, Blinds and Curtains

Hard-to-reach windows are often overlooked for cleaning, as it can be troublesome to get access to them to clean them. Blinds can be hard to clean, and curtains need to be washed if they are items that have to remain on the property.


Even if they don’t look that dirty while you’re living there, walls can really show their dirt and grime once every piece of furniture and every item is moved out of a home. It is best to clean your walls or have them cleaned before you move out.

Hiring a Professional

If you are busy and need to hire move-out cleaning services near Mill Valley, CA, Brenda’s Cleaning Personnel, Inc., can help make sure your place looks its best. You can visit the company’s website at