A Color Guard Or Snow Retention System: Practical And Esthetically Pleasing

For those who live in areas where snow is a common seasonal occurrence, installing a snow retention system makes perfect sense. This is critical if you have a home or business with a slanted metal roof. While many go the traditional route, others have decided to take another path. They have installed a color guard snow retention system.

Colored Snow Guards?

Snow guards – also known as snow retention systems, have been around for decades. They are used to retain snow and ice, evenly distributing the weight on the roof. By doing so, they prevent the material from crashing down all at once in a “roof avalanche” – the consequences of which can be serious. People may be injured; property damaged or destroyed.

Snow guards have been available in plain or natural colors – to match a metal roof. However, for those homeowners who have chosen a colored roof or simply want to add a touch of brightness, there are now more aesthetically pleasing options. This is a color guard/snow retention system.

This colorful option does not negatively impact the capabilities of the snow guard. It does not interfere with its purpose. What it does accomplish is to provide a dash of color to what could be a battleship or gun metal roof. The hues may contrast with the existing roofing. They may also blend in – green snow guards on a green roof.

Installing Snow Guards

If you have a sloped metal roof installing snow guards is a necessity, not a frivolous choice. The snow guards will retain the snow and ice in place on your roof preventing it from falling in an avalanche on unsuspecting people or damaging nearby objects. Whether a natural or in color the guard snow retention system will provide the level of protection needed.