3 Things to Know Before Buying Vinyl Plank Flooring in Plainfield

Vinyl flooring offers homeowners many benefits, such as getting the look of hardwood flooring without the exorbitant price tag and required maintenance. Yet, homeowners interested in installing vinyl plank flooring in Plainfield homes read on to learn some essential things before making this purchase.

1. There are Three Types of Finishes

Not all vinyl flooring is the same. When shopping for vinyl flooring, pay attention to the finish. The three choices are:

  • No-wax finish: Works best in areas with light foot traffic, minimal moisture, and dirt.
  • Urethane finish: A highly durable product that’s scuff-resistant, easy to clean, and can withstand moderate foot traffic.
  • Enhanced urethane finish: Great for households that need ultra-tough vinyl that is stain and scratch-resistant.

2. Vinyl Flooring Works Best in Certain Areas

Although vinyl flooring is versatile, some areas of the home are more suitable for it than others. Homeowners do well with vinyl flooring when they install it in kitchens, basements, family rooms, great rooms, and bathrooms.

3. Vinyl Flooring Is Easy to Maintain

Homeowners looking for easy-to-maintain flooring will love vinyl. It doesn’t require refinishing or daily sweeping. Once a week, give it a good sweep, run a mop over using a vinyl floor cleaner (most all-purpose cleaners are fine), and call it a day. The no-wax finish on most products keeps the flooring looking as shiny as the day it was installed.

Vinyl flooring in Plainfield homes allows homeowners to mimic nearly every flooring style, from hardwood to stone. To view available products, contact Best Buy Interior Finishes today.