How Does Heat Affect Garage Doors?

As I am sure you have already noticed, it is hot outside. Summer has officially begun, and while you may be breaking out the swimsuits and popsicles, as a homeowner, the heat may start raising some concerns.

I remember on a particularly hot day in my childhood, I was riding my bike through my neighborhood when I spotted something I had never seen before. My neighbor’s front door was literally melting. The paint was peeling and bubbled up, sliding down the front. I remember talking to those neighbors a few months after that and hearing how they had to replace the whole door. It was an unnecessary summer hassle that could’ve been avoided.

Similar situations can happen with your garage doors in the heat. Depending on the quality of the overhead door, your door could have ample problems. But, with any average residential garage door, you could still run into a variety of issues.

As temperatures rise, your overhead doors expand. Like what happened with the front door, as previously mentioned, garage doors can also warp and bubble depending on the material. The only fix for an overheated, warped garage door is to replace it. You will want to make sure you replace your current door with a quality new one.

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Besides your door itself warping, your sensors can also be affected by the heat of the sun. Sunlight glare can actually trick sensors into believing that there is something under your door, causing your door to move up and down automatically. Unfortunately, if that occurs, there isn’t much you can do besides attempting to provide some shade so the sensor isn’t triggered.

If you live in a warm, humid environment, your garage door may face the problem of sticking. Garage door lubricant can be purchased and easily applied to springs and hinges. If your garage door is made of wood, consider applying a weather-resistant finish to protect your wooden door.

While this isn’t the biggest issue in the world, color fading often occurs during the hot summer months. To keep that curb appeal up, try applying a fresh coat of paint every year or every other year.

Upgrading your garage door may be the best option for you, especially if you want to offer your home extra protection and a door that will last for years to come.