Steps Families Can Take Before Having a Roof Replaced in Milwaukee

Once you have decided that you will replace the roof on your home, you must take steps to protect your family and property. Here are a few things residential roofing contractors in Milwaukee often recommend that their clients do before starting a roof replacement.

You should ask residential roofing contractors in Milwaukee if it will be necessary for you to move out during the roof replacement. This will allow you to find lodging for the duration of the project.

You can prepare your property to allow the workers to have easy access to the roof and to protect your belongings. Make sure there is a clear pathway from where the workers will park to where they will get up on the roof. Find out if it will be necessary to get a large dumpster for all the debris. If so, you should place this in a convenient area. Move vehicles, patio furniture, children’s toys, and other items that could be damaged by falling debris.

Taking steps to protect the belongings inside your home is also important. You should take shelves and pictures off the walls. Take down chandeliers and other light fixtures that could be damaged because of vibrations.

Think about your pets. You may want to board them or have them stay with a friend for the duration of the project to keep them safe.

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