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Four Things to Ponder Before Beginning ADU Construction in Wildomar, CA

If you’ve got room on your lot and some money to invest, consider looking into ADU construction in Wildomar, CA. Doing so could open you up to a new source of regular income, guest quarters for friends and family or a home office. Before jumping in, though, there are a few things you should ponder.

Code Considerations

ADUs are common, and many jurisdictions allow them. However, there may be some special code considerations regarding your property that you’ll want to know before moving ahead. Even if there are no special issues, the standard code requirements, including setbacks and minimum and maximum ADU square-foot requirements will have an impact on your overall plans.

Lot and Home Layout.

Consider your lot and home very carefully. Is there enough room to have an ADU comfortably? Will its location block one of the best views from the house? These and other question should be answered early on in the planning process.


When designing your ADU, you’ll save money placing it in a spot where utilities have an easy and short path to connect. If not, you may have to do some considerable excavating and pipe and wire laying to hook up the ADU.


Neighbors aren’t the final say on your ADU. However, understanding how your new unit will impact their lives is important. Talk to them and let them know your plans and try to make every aspect of your ADU construction and placement neighborhood-friendly.

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